Because obviously have a lot of problems with the use of Reshade,
here once summarized basic and simple how to proceed.

4. Now you installed you Reshade basis of the exe file. It is advisable not necessarily be installed on the desktop program.
5. Now watch by clicking on the path your FS17 button to installation. Then your “Giant Engine” is started.
6. Now to the actual: Copy the entire contents from the RealFarmingFS17_SweetFX / Reshade shader folder and paste it in C: ReShade_2.0.3_with_SweetFX_2.0 ReShade 2.0.3 with SweetFX 2.0 SweetFX again.
7. opengl.dll, openGL.ini and RealFarming.ini in SweetFX folder

THE red path is just one of based my installation !!
openGL.ini paths adapt remember
That was the whole installation

Reshade is now switched on with the key roles on and off
Shift + f2 Menu / Settings
When downloading, I appended Reshade, all rights OWNER compensate rightsholders remain unaffected, this refers to Linked Sites and the download itself.

Modell: CrowerCZ
Textur: Hurri77 in der Anleitung im Mod CrowerCZ
Script: CrowerCZ
Idee / Konzept: CrowerCZ der Mod / Hurri77 die Anleitung


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