This mod adds a Russian traffic on the way to the game Farmer Simulator 2017. Now these legendary Russian car industry will go through the streets as: Zil 4331, 6520 Kamaz, Kraz 256, MTZ 80 GAS: 322132, 3302, 3110, 2705 (ambulance) 53 (hlebovozka), VAZ 2110, 2109, 2107, 2106 Chevrolet Niva and many others. In the folder with the file you will see a list of all vehicles.

Be sure to read the installation information below !!!

Installation instructions: The archive you downloaded will be 3 folders.

Folder RussianTrafficPack17 archive koiruem in C: Program Files (x86) Farming Simulator 17 data vehicles cars (given the default path, you it may be different!). You can either replace or add to the standard. (Your choice).

For a complete replacement of all traffic to the Russian:
Go to the folder from the archive of Russian and copy the file and map01_trafficSystem.xml (Map Sosnovka map02_trafficSystem.xml) in the folder C: Program Files (x86) Farming Simulator 17 data maps (make a copy of an existing file on the path map01_trafficSystem.xml or (Map Sosnovka map02_trafficSystem.xml), if there will be a failure, or bring back).

Мультисофт, Vanya_Grozznyj, Giants, }I{EKA, dim-dim, Silak_68, Конверт FS 17 (-=F@RMeR=-).


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Farming Simulator 2017

UploadFile 14 Mb



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Farming Simulator 2017 Download


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